Caregivers Symposium

Dr. Melissa Walker - Founder and Symposium Overview Presenter 

Rev. Dr. Dolly Thomas - Mental Health Keynote Speaker 

Dr. Ruth Berggren - Compassion and Wellness Keynote Speaker 

Clergy Health Symposium

The Clergy Symposium has been designed for those who fulfill their caregiving assignment under the umbrella of Clergy.  Clergy includes, but is not limited to deacons, elders, priests, bishops, preachers, pastors, ministers, etc.

Many articles have been written and many studies conducted on the stress that members of the clergy face in the daily fulfillment of their calling in Christian service.  “Who cares for the pastor who cares for you?”  is a question posed by one parishioner who thought it necessary to shed light on the growing epidemic of pastoral stress and mental breakdown.

Heal the Healer seeks to provide a tract geared towards allowing those members of the clergy to be in a safe environment to share among those of like-mindedness and with like circumstances.  The tract is two-fold.  First, the attendees will learn strategies to deal with the “heavy” issues of the people over whom they have been set.  Strategies on handling grief and loss, chronic illness, terminal illness, etc. among their congregants will be taught.  Secondly, the clergy will also be given tools to both recognize and to handle problems that are affecting them personally.  Things like personal grief and loss, personal illness and mental health conditions, balancing work in the church and their other careers, dealing with illness of a spouse or loved one, etc. will be discussed.

Rev. Dr. Trevor Alexander

Elder Beryl Armstrong

Rev. Carolyn Barksdale

Meet Our Team

Esther's Emporium of Sisters

Pictured from Left to Right:  Mrs. Winifred Williams, Mrs. Xiomara Thomas, Dr. Melissa Walker Rayford (center); Mrs. Cynthia Gibbs; Rev. Jo Angelia Waters

Not pictured:  Bishop Trevor Alexander (Clergy Tract Director); Dr. Phillip Williams (Spiritual Advisor), Lt. Col. (retired) Joan Jackson;
Dr. DeWanna Greer; Ms. Devon Menefee

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