August 25, 2019

Dear Mr/Mrs:

We are excited to announce our Fifth Annual Heal the Healer Symposium which will take place on September 23, 2017 at the Bowden Alumni Center at St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, TX.  As you may be aware, Heal the Healer is a one-day gathering for intensive exploration and training on the ways formal or informal CAREGIVING affects the CAREGIVER.  It has been noted that both formal and informal caregiving takes a tremendous emotional and financial toll on the caregiver.  In 2014, the Rand Corporation reported that the annual cost of informal caregiving was $522 billion dollars.

This year’s symposium will again offer noted speakers and workshop facilitators who will address topics such as: Domestic Violence, PTSD and other Mental Health Concerns, Grief and Loss, Long-term Illness,  Estate Planning and much more. 

You may choose any level of support listed below, including Vendor Level support.  This would allow for your organization to have a vendor table to display your services.  There are other ways that organizations can offer support as well.  If you would like to financially support a speaker or workshop facilitator, please contact us at: or call 512-710-6187.

Vendor Level – $75.00
Silver Level – $250.00+
Gold Level – $500.00+
Platinum Level – $1,000.00+
Corporate Level – $2,500.00+

We would greatly appreciate any area you choose.  You may mail your support to:

Heal the Healer San Antonio
1954 East Houston St.
San Antonio, TX  78202

All donors will be noted on the day-of brochure, unless otherwise advised. 


Dr. Melissa A. Walker
Heal the Healer San Antonio