Dr. Phillip D. Williams

Dr. Phillip D. Williams
as a five-year-old with passion and comfort for visiting and caring for the elderly, hurting and disenfranchised never knew he was in preparation for life in the ministry of caregiving and counseling. Many days of his youth were spent quietly sitting and listening to the elderly and sick. He often gained encouragement and support from his mother who at times visited along with him as he attended the sick with listening ears.

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From his formative years even after serving in many areas of ministry and jobs in his current season of life Dr. Williams has come full circle and listens daily to those dying and their grieving families. His mother on her dying bed infused his calling to caregiving and challenged him as she dispatched him from her bedside to minister to other members of her inpatient unit.

Today degreed in ministry, psychology, and theology Dr. Williams continues a life career in counseling and spiritual healing. As the Lead Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator, his days are spent from sun up to sun day at an inpatient hospice unit attending the sick in their times of transition counseling families and medical staff. To help address the spiritual needs of all Dr. Williams spends time researching and writing books, sermons, and speeches to help heal the hurting and their healers. His newly released 366 day, desktop Dr. Phil’s Daily Dose and book Be the Presence of God, in Life’s Trials and Transition provides daily devotions, tools and real life examples for caregivers of all ages. One seminary president said of Dr. Williams’ pastoral care and written work that “He is a true shepherd—that smell like sheep. Williams has the smell of sheep all over him. He writes from the heart of a pastor looking after the welfare of his flock. Each day he gets his hands dirty in ministry, serving others with integrity and compassion.”

Dr. Williams received formal educated with a Doctor’s Degree in Ministry from Howard University, Washington, D. C., a Masters in Religion with a Concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia and as Resident in Clinical Pastoral Education at Baptist Health, Little Rock, Arkansas. He resides in San Antonio, Texas with his nationally recognized wife Candy Lewis Williams, Trichologist, and ND.